My name is Bessem Ebot-Arrey. I’m currently completing a software development graduate scheme at Keyloop

In my current role as a Junior DevSecOps Engineer, my responsibilities generally include supporting and collaborating with software development teams to manage operations that we take to deliver our applications. Liaising with IT infrastructure teams, monitoring and configuring servers and services are amongst other tasks in the business. I also have some focus in helping embed more security practices in our pipeline.

In my previous role as a software developer, I liaised with senior staff and other team members around the organisation to create a gap analysis for software developers. This was to enable development and product management to visualise knowledge gaps, better allocate work and improve training, to increase team efficiency.   

For me, open and honest communication and compassion, are values that resonate with me and are things I aspire to uphold both in my personal life and career. Therefore, I like to work in a culture where people are able to share their opinions and do so safely, knowing that their views will be considered respectfully, as I believe this helps create a team environment where members are glad to take ownership, work cohesively and have confidence in each other.  

Outside of work, I really enjoy sports (particularly football) and keeping active, so I go to the gym (quite) regularly and when I can (i.e. when I’m miraculously not injured) I play some football with my some of my colleagues. I also genuinely love to learn, so I try my hardest to attend talks and events where I can, especially if it relates to wellbeing and mental health- two key areas today that I am passionate about.