Inspiration for Innovation Network opportunities

The primary purpose of the I4I Network is to provide a structured and professionally managed programme through which members of the Automotive 30% Club can fulfil the “Reach Out” phase of the 30 by 30 strategy, which is to attract more women into automotive and create a female talent pipeline for the sector.

Important Notice in regard to Covid-19:

The Inspiration for Innovation Network activities will be online only during the year September 2020 - August 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This is to ensure that we can plan efficiently and maintain the health and safety of all involved. Any reference to ‘visit’, ‘event’ or ‘attendance’ throughout our website content is indicative of a virtual/online presence.

The scope includes:

  • Visits to primary schools, state secondary schools, independent girls’ schools, and FE Colleges to give speeches to large audiences or engage with smaller classes. 
  • Visits to Universities to speak to women’s networks or give careers masterclasses. 
  • Participation in three Inspiration for Innovation cross sector transformative experience events within three schools in the Northamptonshire/Buckinghamshire area that are sponsored by MEPC, Silverstone Park.   

All volunteers will be fully briefed and the I4I activities will be evaluated to ensure that the ‘virtual’ encounter between the volunteer and the pupils was positive and meaningful as set out in the Gatsby Benchmarks which are incorporated to the Government National Careers Strategy 2017. You can find a good explanation of the Gatsby Benchmarks on the Education & Employers website here.

What to expect from schools

The schools involved, pledge to ensure our volunteers are hosted correctly, they really need your expertise and will be very grateful for your time and commitment.

For many students, this may be the first time they have had an opportunity to engage with a business ‘real model’ and if you can light a spark of interest in only a handful of those students then your visit will have been worthwhile.


The school which you are visiting is responsible for safeguarding during your visit. 

Gaia Innovation Ltd takes safeguarding very seriously in all our Automotive 30% Club activities. You can find a copy of the Gaia Innovation Ltd safeguarding policy here.

How it works - The school matching process 

All schools that apply for a visit complete a detailed survey about their requirements which is signed off by their headteacher.

This includes but is not exclusive to, their visit objectives, year group, number of students in attendance and an indicator on the type of session they would like our volunteers to deliver, for instance -  

  1. A general talk: 

An overview of the Automotive and related Technology industries; the specific company; the variety of roles within the sector; discussion of the Automotive 30% Club campaign and the rationale for addressing the gender imbalance in the sectors


  1. A visit and presentation from a female role model: 

Her personal story and experience of her career in, for example, Engineering, Marketing, Advertising and Branding.

Our team then pool our knowledge around the available resources and match you to a school. At this point, you will be contacted by our team via email in the first instance with a ‘set-piece’ detailing the request. 

CEOs/MDs will be contacted individually and directly, and other Executive Volunteers will either be contacted directly or via the 30 by 30 Strategy Leader or delegate.

This is your opportunity to accept, decline or request further detail about what the visit entails. 

How it works - Executive volunteers school visit preparation

As a successful professional from the Automotive sector or related tech industry, you will be sharing your expertise, experience and advice with the students at your designated school. You are their role model and one of the reasons that it is fantastic for them to have a first hand view of what you do is because if they can see it then they can be it.

Primarily you are there to inspire young people to join the automotive sector and present your company as an inclusive employer of choice. Positive secondary goals include being able to broaden horizons, increase student motivation to learn and to help them work towards achieving their full potential and best post education destination.