In order to get the most from your Automotive 30% Club visit, we have provided some resources and guidance to help you and your students get ready.

Pre-Visit Preparation
Post Visit: Guide to evaluations and feedback

Your Automotive 30% Club I4I Network visit evaluation helps us to improve and ensures that we are providing you with a worthwhile event that both enriches your careers provision and inspires your students.

As a member of staff, you can complete an online evaluation.

We also appreciate feedback from your students. Please look at our online student evaluation below; alternatively, if you prefer to use a hard copy, you can print out the correct number of copies from our PDF form, also below.

If you would prefer to do a more visual evaluation of your visit, we have provided a couple of resources below which you can either print off and give to students to complete as a form. Alternatively, we find it works well to print the resources off as posters and encourage pupils to stick post-it notes next to their response, with a comment about the event. You can see from the photos below that this makes feedback very visual for more of an impact!