How it works - 4 simple steps


1. Apply to have a talk from an Inspiration for Innovation Network executive

All UK education institutions can apply for a visit from a representative of the Automotive 30% Club Inspiration for Innovation network, who will talk about their work in the automotive and/or related technology sectors and the importance of addressing diversity, inclusion and the gender imbalance.

Our visits will have two simple aims:

  • To inspire young people to consider a career in the automotive industry and/or related technology sector and advise them how to access these technologically advanced growth sectors with thousands of well-paid jobs available in all business functions
  • To raise awareness that the executive’s company is aiming to be an inclusive employer of choice and to achieve a better gender balance
2. Matching you with speakers

When we match one of our Inspiration for Innovation network executives to you, we will consider:

  • Your application, particular interest and aims for the students
  • Which speaker might be suitable
  • Speaker availability and location

Please note that we cannot promise to match you with a specific business professional or for a specific occasion, but we will explore the possibility for you.

3. Preparing to host a speaker
  • We have prepared a guide with tips for planning your talk, and a resource to help to prep your students. They are both available on our Preparing for Your Visit page - a link is below.
  • We will be happy to help if you have any questions or issues - please just get in touch.
4. Evaluation: how did it go?
  • Following the talk, we will ask you and our Inspiration for Innovation network executive to give us some feedback about the event, so we can evaluate and ensure we create the most meaningful and impactful events for your students. Please see the link below to our Preparing for Your Visit page to access our evaluation resources.


You can also see more about our impact here.