Our Impact

You can find information below about the impact we have had on young people through similar Automotive 30% Club events we have organised in the past. 

Inspiring Automotive Women Day 2018 & 2019

In June 2018 The Hill Primary School, Barnsley, hosted an event that saw female role models from the automotive industry leading activities themed around the key areas of Marketing and Sales, Aftersales, and Engineering and Design. 

In May 2019 the event was hosted by Volkswagen Group UK National Learning Centre in Milton Keynes, with 100 female secondary school pupils aged 12-15 from across the UK attending. Pupils heard from Inspiring Automotive Women volunteers from across the Automotive 30% Club member companies, including Volkswagen Group UK, Auto Trader UK, Jardine Motors Group, Inchcape, JCT600, Lookers Group, Marshall Motor Group and Vertu Motors Plc. They learnt about the range of jobs available within the industry and heard personal stories from ‘real model’ women.

Our impact report for the 2019 Inspiring Automotive Women Day is here. 

Participants made the following comments:

“The event was impeccably planned and organised. The pupils participated enthusiastically with all the activities and were genuinely inspired by what they heard first hand from women in the industry. I would highly recommend this opportunity to all Careers Leads in Schools.”

(Head of Careers)

“We had a fantastic speaker who presented it so well for the age of the girls. I felt by the end of the session the impact was huge on the girls and there was a real ‘girl power’ feel around the room!”

(Teacher, Alderbrook Primary School)

“I’m really passionate about this. To be inspired by other women, and obviously some of the male speakers as well – it’s always good to hear their perspective and what they’re trying to do to drive that change. Hopefully, if even one child comes away inspired by today then we’ve had a good day.” Julia Greenhough, Marketing Director, TrustFord

“This is about the power of human collaboration to focus on areas of need and solve the problems in those communities that have very traditional views of female and male roles. We’re smashing those notions to pieces. To see the girls so confidently engaged is just an absolute joy. It’s been hugely inspiring, and I feel very privileged to be CEO today.” Libby Nicholas, CEO, Astrea Academy Trust

The 30:30:30 Campaign

This campaign aimed to stimulate social mobility and gender balance in the automotive workforce by raising awareness of the opportunities for female students and women in the automotive industry. 

Automotive 30% Club Founder Julia Muir: “We want to raise awareness of the vast array of roles available in the automotive business. This campaign has allowed us to reach out to over 3000 students in the UK. We want to change the perception of automotive as a career only for those with a love of cars or with a technical mindset rather than a customer or commercial orientation.”

You can watch our video about the event below. 

Testimonials about the 30:30:30 Campaign

“Listening to the talks made me realise that I, or any other female students, could enter the motor industry. It’s given me a real insight into the industry and opened potential doorways for the future.” Sixth Form Student, Cheadle Hulme High School

“This was a fantastic and very engaging opportunity for our students, and it’s an exciting idea to get more women into the automotive industry.” John Peet, Assistant Head, Cheadle Hulme High School

“We believe at Jardine Motors Group that it’s important to introduce younger girls and encourage them to consider a career in the motor sector, as it’s an incredibly exciting, very vibrant, very forward-thinking industry.” Clare Martin, Group HR Director, Jardine Motors Group

“As a member of the Automotive 30% Club, we recognise that it is absolutely vital to have women in senior roles across our business. We think that joining the 30 by 30 campaign is a fantastic opportunity to encourage more women and girls to think about a career in the automotive industry”. Robin Giles, HR & Corporate Operations Director at Toyota GB 

“It’s a very exciting time for the automotive industry at the moment: there are unprecedented changes in technology and innovation. We need to attract a much wider staff membership with an aspiration to get key positions managed and led by women by 2030. It’s a key philosophy and one of the reasons we were so keen to join the Automotive 30% Club.” Paul Van der Burgh, President & MD of Toyota GB

“It was an absolute privilege to be involved with the Automotive 30% Club and to be part of this initiative. We are looking forward to welcoming students to our site.” Tom Carney, Audi Franchise Director, Inchcape