The Automotive 30% Club 

The Automotive 30% Club, founded by Julia Muir, CEO of Gaia Innovation Ltd, aims to achieve a better gender balance within the automotive and related technology industries and to fill at least 30% of key leadership positions in the member organisations with diverse women by 2030.

The Automotive 30% Club Inspiration for Innovation Network

We are a national network of volunteers from automotive, motorsport, and technology companies, working with schools, universities and special interest groups. 

We aim to address the gender imbalance in the automotive and related technology sectors by informing young people and inspiring them to consider a career therein.

We are also out to do some myth-busting around the perception of the automotive sector as a place only for those who are ‘into cars’ or who have a technical mindset; through our work, it is our hope that students will understand the industry’s ample opportunities for creativity, collaboration, enterprise and commerce. 

All our time is donated free of charge, and the cost of administering the programme is covered by our sponsors Keyloop who support the UK wide initiative and MEPC, Silverstone Park will co-sponsor the network to fund the coordination of volunteering opportunities for their Silverstone Park occupiers and wider Silverstone Technology Cluster members, with local schools in the Buckinghamshire / Northamptonshire region.

Why Take Part?

We create access to opportunities for schools and students to have meaningful encounters with experienced representatives from diverse backgrounds such as Digital Media, Marketing, Human Resources and Communications as well as Engineering, Technology and Design  - all within the Automotive sector and related tech industries. 

Our Inspiration for Innovation network activities are also relevant for mixed gender audiences. We explain how contemporary businesses are putting in place policies such as shared parental leave and flexible and agile working processes to ensure an inclusive working environment in which all can thrive. 

A visit from one of our automotive business professionals also seeks to broaden horizons and raise aspirations, and could include:

  • A talk to a large group
  • Workshop / discussion / masterclass with a smaller group
  • A Q&A panel session
  • Attendance at a school or university club or society
  • Attendance at a special event, eg prizegiving

Our volunteer speakers are mainly senior executives, for example, CEOs, MDs, Engineering Directors and HR Directors,  accompanied by a relatable role model such as an apprentice or graduate trainee.  

Important Notice in regard to Covid-19:

The Inspiration for Innovation network activities will be online only during the year September 2020 - August 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This is to ensure that we can plan efficiently and maintain the health and safety of all involved. Any reference to ‘visit’, ‘event’ or ‘attendance’ throughout our website content is indicative of a virtual/online presence.

Please note that our volunteers do not take part in generic Careers Fairs as we believe that their impact is greater in a more personalised and structured setting, as outlined in the examples above.

Building on previous success

The Automotive 30% Club Inspiration for Innovation network builds on the success of previous outreach initiatives we have organised and overseen, such as Inspiring Automotive Women Day and the 30:30:30 Campaign.

You can find out more about these initiatives by looking at our impact here.

Useful links

We've created a handy useful links page where you can find further information about our 30:30:30 Campaign, the Automotive 30% Club members, research and reports from the Education & Employers Charity, career guidance detailing the Gatsby Benchmarks and the Inspiration for Innovation Network launch. Please click here.

The Automotive 30% Club is a gender balance campaign founded by Julia Muir and is powered by the social enterprise company Gaia Innovation whose goal is to achieve the best employment destination for every child, and therefore to attain the best employment outcome for women in the automotive and related technology sectors.