The Automotive Industry’s Top Leaders Become Patrons of the Automotive 30% Club

Kristian Elvefors of Volvo Car UK, Catherine Faiers of Auto Trader UK, Dr Astrid Fontaine of Bentley Motors, Daksh Gupta of Marshall Motor Group and Stuart Miles of CDK Global, all members of the Automotive 30% Club, have now become Patrons and will help Founder Julia Muir to steer the activities of the club via an advisory panel.

Patrons will meet virtually and in person up to four times a year with discussions being hosted by Julia Muir, Founder of the Automotive 30% Club and CEO Gaia Innovation.

Julia launched this exciting opportunity at the club’s annual Conference in November and comments:

“I’m so pleased to welcome on board some of the industry’s top leaders as Patrons of the Automotive 30% Club. I have been leading the club since I launched it in 2016, and with 10 years to go to achieve our goal of having at least 30% of women in key roles by 2030, it was the perfect time to onboard some of our most committed supporters to share their experiences and to help shape and steer the direction for the next ten years.

These top executives place gender equality high on their personal and business agenda, and will be recognised as game changers in the sector and in wider society. I hope that their commitment to making their workplaces fair for all, and reaping the known business benefits of improved profitability, productivity and employee engagement,  will inspire other leaders to create winning gender balanced businesses.”

The Club’s 40 members are all working to achieve at least 30% female representation in their key roles by 2030, through a ‘30 by 30’ strategy which includes: Reaching Out –  to attract more women to the sector; Welcome In – to remove bias in recruitment and recalibrating organisational processes and culture; Pull Through – removing barriers to women progressing; and Hold On – to retain female talent. The 30% goal is a KPI to be able to measure progress towards achieving a successful gender balanced business, and is not a quota and does not entail positive discrimination. 

The support provided by the Patrons will help to sustain the positive momentum of the campaign and enable the Club to provide more advice and assistance to the members to help them to achieve their goals. 

The Patron’s companies, along with past and present Automotive 30% Club activity sponsors including Toyota GB, VW Group UK, and Jardine Motors Group will be invited to be featured as case studies in Julia Muir’s forthcoming book “Change the Game: A leader’s route map to a winning, gender-balanced business” due for publication in January 2021.


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